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Braun series 7 790cc pulsonic shaver

Price: $207.42

The most advanced shaver in the Braun Series 7 collection, the 790cc has been engineered to deliver nothing less than the ultimate grooming experience


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If a person needs the best shave possible, why not go with the best product on the market? Braun has introduced just that, with its Braun series 7 790cc pulsonic shaver system. Users can rest assured that this is the best electric shaver that their money can buy.

Looking for the best technology? This product has got it. This is the best electric shaver, featuring 10,000 micro vibrations to help get a closer shave. The Braun series 7 790cc pulsonic shaver system also features a clean and renew system, which allows users to change blades and dry off the shaver with one button. The head of the shaver is crafted in a way that moves with your jawline, in order to get a better shave.

In addition to shaving features, this device is completely waterproof, making it convenient for use by the sink. The LCD screen will let a person know how much battery life is left, as they use it and as it charges. Three shaving modes add versatility to the Braun series 7 790cc, allowing one to deal with normal and sensitive skin types.

Customers get a lot out of the box with this product. This shaver comes with alcohol solution, charger, lubrication cleaning brush, and a travel pouch, for added convenience.

Why should a person settle for anything less in their grooming products? When someone needs to get up and go, they need a saving device that will allow them to get rid of that beard stubble without having to toil away. Whether the user is a professional barber, or just someone looking for a common device, this Braun shaver will help. Those Monday mornings won’t be so mundane anymore, because this device allows people to get a close, clean shave for any professional setting. Buyers will take pride in their appearance when using this shaver on a daily basis.

In terms of the marketplace, the Braun 7 series can’t be beat. They don’t call it the ultimate grooming device for nothing! In terms of reviews, users have given this device high marks for usability, efficiency and versatility. No matter what type of shave or haircut someone is looking for, they can rest assured that this will provide it. The blades are good for all hair types, and the additional trimmers make it easy to get a close, clean cut. Anybody that works in an appearance centric line of work will come to rely on the Braun 7 series.

The people have spoken, and it is clear that Braun stands the test of time. They have a number of grooming related products on the market, and both men and women have come to recognize this brand-name. If a person needs a shave that will help them look their best, they should not hesitate to give this product a try. By buying this product, customers are saving themselves a trip to the barber. Shaves can be expensive, so it pays to keep more money in one’s pocket with the purchase of this trimming system.

Shaver Features

  • Pulsonic Technology uses 10,000 micro vibrations per minute to cut more hair in every stroke
  • Capture flat lying hair with patented ActiveLift, even in problem areas like the neck
  • Get perfect closeness that lasts longer with OptiFoil, our most advanced foil shaver
  • Automatically clean, charge, lubricates, and dries your shaver with the Clean¬†&¬†Renew System

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Design and Functionality
5 stars
Size and Weight
5 stars

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