Shaving Tips For Men


One of the most iconic signs that a boy has officially become a man is when he starts needing to shave on a regular basis. While shaving can be a tedious and annoying choir, it is something that most men have to do on a regular basis. For those men who have sensitive skin, shaving can be an activity they come to dread or avoid. Every man’s face reacts differently to shaving; however, for men whose skin is more sensitive than others, they may find that after shaving, they breakout in unbearable unsightly rashes that won’t go away for hours or even days after they shaved. For these men, it is important that they find the right razor for their skin, so that they are no longer afflicted by these skin issues each time they shave.

The problem is, many men do not know what razor to try to help their skin problems. Most men get into a habit where they use the same razor for years without a second thought; usually they use the same razor they first started using when they were taught to shave. With advances in technology however, there are many different types of razors available on the market, many specifically geared to help those with sensitive skin. There are generally two different categories of razors for men: the first is manual razors, which can then be broken down into many categories such as disposable, multiple blade, and old fashioned straight blades. The second category is electric razors, which can be broken down into dry and wet mens electric shavers. Electric shavers for men are the far superior option for those who are afflicted with sensitive skin.

One of the shaving tips that many men are not aware of, is the fact that electric shavers are much better for men with skin issues. It is an old myth among men that manual razors are the better option, but this is in fact not true. There are two reasons why electric shavers are the better option: firstly, they have safety mechanisms that manual razors do not have; this means that there is less of a risk of getting cut or burnt from one of these razors. Secondly, these razors have less of an impact on the skin, because the way they remove hair is less harsh than that of a manual razor. These shavers work by gently pulling the hair into a cutting mechanism, where the hair is then sheared off. This is far gentler than the rough way in which manual razors hack the hair away from the skin.

One of the most secret shaving tips for men is that electric shavers do a far better job at protecting the skin of those who suffer from skin issues. While for decades electric razors where thought to be inferior, due to the fact that earlier devices where not well made, recent innovations in the technology of electric shavers have made these devices the far superior option for men with sensitive skin.

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