Why Braun Electric Shavers?

Braun electric shavers

The first time that you visit a duty-free shop at an airport, you will notice that there are quite a few different types of alcohol and perfume. Depending on what you are shopping for, you might also notice a selection of Braun Electric Shavers.

That is what happened to me a few years ago as I was shuttling between destinations at the airport in Lima, Peru. Trying to make my connecting flight, I realized that I had already been on the flight from Los Angeles for almost 10 hours, making me a prime candidate for a shave. As I had forgotten to bring razors, I looked around for any form of shaving equipment and came across the Braun Electric Shavers. I bought one and hurried into the nearest bathroom. What amazed me when I emerged was the fact that my face was now as smooth as it was when I use a regular non-electric razor and shaving cream.

I packed the shaver away and landed in Argentina on schedule. Over the course of the next couple of years, I have used the shaver frequently. I find it to be far superior to using other brands of electric shaver that I have tried over the years. In fact, it may be the best electric shaver for men because it never causes a problem with my sensitive skin and it seems to have a knack for finding hairs that end up lying flat on my face.

If you have ever had a hair or piece of stubble that stubbornly refuses to submit to the buzz of your electric shaver, you will know that the best electric shavers use technology to help lift and thereafter cut hairs that defy regular shavers. The Braun electric shaver’s patented lift technology simply has to be experienced for you to understand how effective it can be.

Another thing that I have noticed after a couple of years of using the Braun that I purchased is that it doesn’t seem to need me to charge it. Of course it can be charged, but as I am always in a hurry, I have never even thought about it until recently. I can’t think of any other mens electric shavers that I have ever had that I didn’t have to recharge on a weekly basis.

Cleaning is another aspect of using the Braun shaver that is a joy. Many Braun shavers are built to work in conjunction with shaving cream to provide the closest shave possible. The model that I purchased can also be used with shaving cream, but it does not automatically apply the cream as some models do. Nonetheless, despite the fact that I have sensitive skin, because it never bothered me at all, I have continued to use it to dry shave. So when it comes time to clean the Braun, I simply lift the hood and blow and wipe the shaving head clean.

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